THE latest Conservative party policy on immigration contains an implicitly racist message because it seeks to restrict people coming to Britain from places like Asia or Africa, while at the same time keeping the door open to immigration from the EU.

Nigle Farage MEP, the UK Independence Party Leader said: "The policy document is almost completely worthless as it fails to address the 600,000 EU citizens who have arrived since 2004.

That figure exceeds the total combined populations of Canterbury, Salisbury, Winchester, Cambridge and Southampton."

"The scale of economic migration from within the EU dwarfs all other sources, and yet there is not a single line in the entire document which suggests how this can be reduced.'' The overall effect of such a policy is the imposition of a colour bar, which favours the 450m white Europeans who live in the EU.

It also makes it more difficult for those people hoping to come here to work from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Indian sub-continent.

If Britain needs people with skills, then it should permit only the very best, regardless of their country or origin.

The absurdity of the Tory argument is that an open door to EU citizens is fine, but the door should be slammed shut on the rest of the world.

This is a party which is quick to throw insults at others about being racist, but there is something inherently nasty about this new policy.

SAM SNOOK, UKIP, Eastleigh.