HAVING read about the decision to open a strip club in the old Harbour Board office I presume permission was granted by the city council.

If so who do the councillors represent? There seems to be some dissatisfaction from the citizens that we do not want a downtown Las Vegas in our part of the world.

Was there any dissent from any councillor? If so, were any of their voters and supporters consulted? It seems to me that we in Southampton have an autocratic selection in the Civic Centre – ie you shall have what you are given.

The same applies to a new casino at a time when most people are tightening their belts. How about publishing a list of the councillors who objected then we will know who to vote for next time.

How about a reduction in the council tax for reducing the standard of the town in which we live? Is this the end of democracy?

Alan Blandford, Southampton.