I HAVE been trying for some time to understand the logic behind the recent lane changes at the bottom of Regents Park Road.

I initially thought these were carried out to improve the Millbrook Road/Regents Park Road junction pending the opening of Costco in May.

For some illogical reason to me the Highways Department have widened the two lanes towards the junction and reduced, by moving the pedestrian refuge, the remaining single lane towards Shirley.

The result of this width restriction is to make what was previously a difficult turn into even more of a problem for articulated vehicles.

Soon after these works were completed an inspection by our local councillors noticed that heavy vehicles were having to cut the corner over the dropped kerbs and leaving tyre tracks over the area where pedestrians were likely to be standing.

This problem was brought to the notice of the Highways Department and consequently a temporary plastic barrier has been placed on the corner.

In addition to this, the widening of the two lanes has further reduced the sight lines for traffic pulling out from Fawley Road when tailbacks occur during busy periods.

I fail to see how these changes will improve traffic access to Costco and in fact have made the junction more dangerous for pedestrians, made turning for heavy lorries more difficult and made the Fawley Road junction more hazardous.

It would be interesting to know the reasoning for these changes but up until now it would seem to me that a lot of money has been spent and the situation has been made worse.

CHRIS HINDS, Southampton.