WHAT on earth is wrong with this Government? Their role is to govern the country, to solve its economic decline.

First, it is ‘child minding’ – a purely domestic issue. Our mothers who managed much smaller household budgets, did not have problems, they either pursued a career and didn’t have children, or stayed at home for a few years, and looked after their own children.

Incidentally these youngsters, on the whole, were better behaved, and realised the importance of a stable home life.

Taxpayers already pay family allowance to families and it is outrageous that taxpayers are asked to pay for child minding, especially where there are two wage earners in a family.

The world is now heading towards a catastrophe of over population, so it’s not necessarily right to make it easy for more and more children to be born.

Now the Government is spending more time on the issue of gay marriage, which has already been dealt with by the introduction of civil marriages.

It is not the Government’s job to interfere with the ethics of religion – that must something left to the church leaders.

At a time when churches are closing and congregations shrinking, unpopular decisions at this time will have a detrimental result for all religions.

How many more minority groups will persuade this Government to pass more and more unpopular laws?