MAY I comment on the following articles in the Daily Echo, May 14.

Page two ‘Minister to back A31 speed limit at 50mph’. Are the protesters saying the road will be safe at 50mph? You can be killed at 30mph, or less. I have driven for over 60 years, here and abroad, but I do not recall what is known as a dangerous road.

There are only dangerous drivers, and that you will not stop with a lower speed limit.

Page five ‘Madam must return 50K’. So what? The people that are the cause of this law breaking are the so-called men that pay good money for this sad service. They never seem to be criticised for their dirty work.

Page nine ‘Chris Huhne and his ex-wife released from prison’. Chris Huhne and his ex-wife will make money on a book about their prison experience. What a joke that is.

A W HANLON, Southampton.