WHILST I welcome the Echo’s stance that they think it is wrong to mass-medicate the population without their consent, may I remind the editor and the new council leader that it is against the law to medicate an individual without their consent.

Therefore a referendum on giving someone the power to inflict this poison on individuals or populations that have not given their consent would be totally wrong!

Let us remember that Hexafluorosillic Acid is proposed to be added to stop cavities – therefore, by definition, it is a medicine.

It makes no difference that the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority) refuse to licence it – it is still to be used to bring about an alteration in the body.

I, for one, wish to have control over my own health and distinctly remember the last Health Secretary saying “No decision about me without me”. What have we come to when the State decide what we imbibe?