CHRIS MAGEE asserts (Daily Echo June 10) that the law (1986) forbids animal research if alternatives are available, but in practice this rarely happens.

I recall a large demo at the time, as it was a mish-mash of a law and subsequently not therefore followed. Where were, or are, the prosecutions? Easier for the researchers to reach for a dog, cat or smaller creature. 2,895 dogs, 153 cats, 145 monkeys, 11,514 guinea pigs (latest figures available).

Much research is from mere curiosity or repetitive, or known to be of no use, e.g. animals don’t get Alzheimer’s and anyway, for all the cash available, there have been no beneficial results to prevent or cure it!

So please avoid such charities on Animal Aid’s red list, lots of them not using animals are on its green list! Telephone 01732 364546 or