JULIAN LEWIS MP is to support any repeal on fox hunting, although he has never actually attended a hunt, only a “meet” on Boxing Day. So he can’t know the true carnage the hunt causes to our countryside twice every week, during hunting season.

Not only are foxes and other animals at risk, but the riders and hounds cause havoc to hedgerows and foliage and churn up mire and anything in their path, for miles, in our forest.

Years ago, when I was an “anti-hunt follower”, the Hursley Hunt had two hounds killed on a main road, which could have caused human disaster. The New Forest had four hounds killed on the railway line at Ashurst. The Hunt Master whipped a young girl across her face and was later fined in a court case (proving his guilt).

Also I have heard of cats and small dogs being attacked (when hounds are out of control). I have also witnessed injured hounds, sometimes severely and once a hound had an ear hanging off.

During the first week of the hunting ban the New Forest Hunt admitted to killing a fox (accidentally). How many have they killed since?

No, we cannot allow the hunting ban to be repealed. In fact, even drag hunting should be banned. I don’t think there is a lot of difference between hunters causing damage to our forest every week and young thugs in Southampton on a Saturday night.