ONCE again we have the elected MPs (Messrs Lewis and Swayne) advocating the return of fox hunting when there is no doubt the majority of the public are against the repeal of this sadistic so-called sport.

It’s about time they represented the majority of views and leave wildlife of the NP and Forest to have a full and peaceful life.

It’s about time the NP and New Forest banned all forms of hunting and culling and animal charities formed a united front in opposition making the hunters face the full force of the law at the slightest misdemeanour.

In my lifetime various forms have taken place.

Otter, deer, fox, badger, some almost hunted to extinction, others gladly are only now on the increase thanks to conservation.

Many children will grow up not seeing any wildlife, even rabbits are scarce now.

The expense of police being used to keep the peace at these events should not be expected as part of their job.

D. A. BRYANT, New Milton.