CRUELTY Free International invites readers to join our campaign for a ban on animal tested household products.

Leading retail brands like Astonish, Method and Ecover have joined Cruelty Free International to request the Government make good on its pledge to introduce a ban for testing household products and their ingredients on animals.

Cruelty Free International is disappointed that after three years of consideration and promises the Government has still not made a final announcement regarding the ban and now looks set on a U-turn having indicated that only finished products will be covered, not the ingredients.

We are urging your readers to get involved with our new campaign, Clean Up Cruelty.

It is now time to do the same with household products and their ingredients.

We invite your readers to join us by signing our petition at and by writing to their local MP and asking them to sign EDM 631 as soon as possible.

MICHELLE THEW, Cruelty Free International.