ANOTHER cyclist riding irresponsibly, another driver found not guilty and persecuted by the police and the CPS.

When are motorists going to get a fair deal and be listened to? When are cyclists going to learn that riding a bike is not something any sane or professional person does? It is not Call the Midwife in 2014!

To those cyclists that complain ‘It’s our right!’: So what?

Someone has died because you all fail to follow the rules, as cyclists do every day. Even if you did, so what? No driver wants to hit you, so stop this happening: give up.

We, the motorists, have won, the roads are ours now. It doesn’t matter who campaigned for what, it doesn’t matter that it’s healthy; the motorist outnumbers you 35:1. We weigh 2000kg, you weigh 70kg.

For your own safety leave the bike at home, get in the car like any rational person would. You’ve lost the fight for your right on the road and a legal precedent has been established.


Editor's note: Steven Petterson was last week found not guilty of causing death by careless driving in relation to the fatal collision he was involved in with cyclist David Irving in Southampton.

However, there was nothing offered in evidence during the trial to suggest that Mr Irving was in any way responsible or to blame for the collision, which took his life in December 2012.