I WOULD take issue with R Sibbald’s view of Chris Packham and Malta (“Shooting double standards,” Letters, May 3).

Many of the birds that he and BirdLife Malta are trying to save are migrants on their way to the UK, thus they are very much our business.

BirdLife Malta and Chris Packham have got fed-up with waiting for the EU to act and have gone ahead in their own way, their work will save many turtle doves, swallows and other migrant birds on their way to Europe.

There is much trapping of small song birds on Malta and many other places in the Mediterranean area, all of which need to be policed.

Chris Packham and BirdLife Malta do a very good job and their work will make a difference. The persecution of raptors is on going in this country and with the current government we have is not likely to cease.

C E LOCK, Everton.