WHILST London is doing all it can to reduce ‘left hook’ deaths of cyclists where vehicles, especially HGVs, turn left across the path of cyclists, Southampton is introducing this scenario to the only and heavily-used cycle commuter route from Totton.

A new (UPS) distribution centre has been built on Second Avenue and part of the current one-way eastbound only for motor vehicles is to be removed allowing allowing lorries and vans to turn left into the centre across the path of westbound cyclists.

Formal objections have failed. A route on the pavement was suggested but this would still be dangerous and totally unsuitable for commuting cyclists.

The alternative on the A33 has claimed the lives of too many cyclists already. It should be this council’s policy not to put cyclists in jeopardy but to increase safety and thus encourage commuting by bicycle to reduce congestion, pollution and parking problems.

T DAVIS, Southampton.