Denial seems to be a necessary trait if one is Labour these days.

This week saw a very well attended meeting of people in Bitterne Park, all wishing to stop the closure of Cobbett Road Library.

Despite being the people closing the library, there was an abundance of Labour councillors in utter denial that they were responsible for closing the library.

Rarely have I ever seen such an effective takeover of a meeting as Labour achieved at the meeting.

The Friends Group was completely sidelined but the sad fact remains that this Labour council is shutting five libraries – yet they won’t even admit it. In a couple of years, when the libraries have been shut for a while, I predict that Labour will be explaining in their leaflets how they did their utmost to keep the libraries open.

Local Labour have totally misled local people and local groups about the closure and for that they should hang their heads in shame.


Councillor for Bitterne Park