Alas, I feel the outcome of the consultation about library closures is a foregone conclusion despite what the people using the services want. However, I have discovered a cut to library services which has occurred without any publicity.

I am researching for my own interest a particular subject and need a photocopy from a newspaper held in the Chicago Public Library and they need the request to be passed through a library system, however Southampton libraries now do not allow for these requests despite the fact that I am quite happy to cover the full costs of the operation.

While I was waiting for a response a Portuguese lady was getting a library ticket. What if she, or any other EU or ex-EU national, wanted to obtain something similar from their “home” country? Presumably they would now also be refused.

Southampton is one of our bigger cities but is reducing its library facilities to such an extent that I am almost embarrassed to have a Southampton library ticket.

Regarding my query? I still need the photocopy but will probably need to join other libraries outside of my home city until I find one that will pass on the query for me.

FRED NEILL, Southampton.