SO Marwell is again breeding non-endangered species - yet more giraffes (Daily Echo, March 15).

They no doubt yearn, all 13 of them, instinctively, for wide African plains and to stretch their legs at up to 35mph and their necks to eat fresh leaves. But they're confined for life there, as are other Marwell species.

Zoos and safari parks portray themselves as centres of conservation and for public education but they are little more than tourist attractions holding animals captive for our entertainment and often "selling on" as more are bred.

Remember, animals will remain captive with sad eyes and empty lives only while people pay to see them. We say again, the real conservation bodies, like Born Free and Care for the Wild, don't keep collections of exploited animals, so if Marwell is really serious about conservation, it should phase them out and start a big Hampshire charity instead. This would raise funds to support true conservation of wild habitats and animals in them, a much worthier cause without animal suffering.

MRS S CLAYTON, Southampton United Animal Charities (16).