Last week I attended part of the trial of a driver who killed a cyclist she "didn't see" at crossroads in Curbridge.

One year ago I sat through ten days of the trial of a driver who killed a cyclist he "didn't see" on Mountbatten Way.

Three years ago my good friend Mark Brummell was killed by a driver who "didn't see him" at Ipley Cross in the New Forest.

Each of these cyclists was wearing a helmet and high vis garment and cycling in the correct position on the road.

Mark Brummell was a physicist, road safety campaigner and a genius with bicycles, repairing, restoring and building hundreds for Southampton residents.

He is still remembered with great affection and much missed, just as David Irving and Mr Logan will be by their families, friends and colleagues.

Each of these cases is a tragedy for the cyclists killed and all who knew them, but also for the drivers , who have to live with the knowledge that their actions deprived someone of life.

At this time of year the number of cyclists on the roads increases; warmer weather and longer evenings entice many out into the beautiful Hampshire countryside while others are encouraged to leave cars at home and commute to and from work by bicycle.

I urge drivers to take more care around cyclists, especially on rural roads and at junctions, give a metre's space when overtaking and reduce speed.

The driver who killed Mark Brummell approached Ipley Cross at over 30 mph, glanced left and right, failed to slow down and didn't see my friend right in front of him.

Every May Southampton Cycling Campaign organises a ride in memory of Mark Brummell, called the Brummell Bummel (after Jerome K Jerome's novel, Three Men on a Bummel) and this year's ride will take a route up the Test Valley, through countryside Mark loved to cycle in.

We will stop for lunch in King's Somborne and return via a different route, although those who so wish can catch a train back to Southampton from Dunbridge.

All local cyclists are welcome to join us, meeting at the Four Horseshoes in Nursling at 10 am on Sunday 17th May.

We will take time on the ride to remember Mark and all other cyclists killed by drivers who "didn't see them".

Lindsi Bluemel Secretary, Southampton Cycling Campaign