I, AND no doubt others, was horrified at the owner of an adult iguana parading the poor creature around Southampton streets (Daily Echo, April 5).

By coincidence, I was on a cruise ship last November when we called at Cozumel, Mexico, a home to iguanas. I was amazed to see a large live iguana (drugged?) held on a lead on the forecourt of a shop.

I created merry hell with the owner, saying I wouldn't enter his shop and nor would many of my fellow passengers I guessed.

In the afternoon back on the ship, I wrote to the Mayor of Cozumel, maintaining that such treatment of wildlife was no advert for his island. Iguanas should only be among the rivers and forests of their natural habitat.

Little did I expect to read of such exploitation in my home city. Such reptiles as pets are way above the keeping of snakes and should be banned. Yes, I realise this one is not confined to a cage without exercise. But knowing what and where his life should be is heartbreaking.