I WAS sorry to read that yet another cyclist has been injured on Above Bar St at Guildhall Square.

My letter expressing my concerns about this stretch of road was published a few weeks ago, after a friend of mine broke her collar bone falling off her bike while trying to negotiate the obstacle course, which is part of the much trumpeted “cultural quarter”.

The council has a duty of care for their citizens (I won’t even start on the appalling air quality many people have to endure) so why can they not get a small stretch of road fixed properly.

Southampton Cycling Campaign has requested the council do something now, not later in the year, when more cyclists have been injured.

The annual Sky Ride in July is being rerouted to avoid this bit of road, yet the hundreds of cyclists who use it every day, will still have to take their chances each time they go in and out of the city centre.

The road was not fit for purpose not long after it was laid and the pathetic attempts to patch it up with raised blocks of concrete have made it even worse.

It is a total disgrace and I would urge the Daily Echo to start a campaign to get the council to sort this out asap... not later in the year after “designing their scheme” to resolve it.

The solution is the same as for any other road used by heavy transport.

It is asphalt and it can be laid in a day. Job done. One only needs to look at the Station Quarter to see that it takes well over a year to lay concrete paving that still isn’t finished.

CARA SANDYS Winn Rd, Southampton