Less than nine weeks after the election, the Tories – without being held in check by the Liberals – have come out in their true colours, together with their illusions of intelligence and superiority.

I refer to Saturday’s Echo page 32 ‘Minister highlights benefits of fracking’.

Although elected by not much more than a third of the electorate, 11,334,920 for 19,363, 290 against, we are stuck with them, unless something unforeseen happens, for five years of disaster.

This world of ours is already in a bad state – consider climate change, which is man made, with man always increasing destruction of his own environment – and now fracking is to be let loose over large tracks of the UK.

I have stated my views on fracking in six letters to the Echo and firmly believe it to be to the utter detriment of humanity as a whole.

Consider the effect it has had in Canada and the United States.

C WATTS, Southampton.