I READ today that a debate to try to repeal the ban on fox hunting has raised its ugly head again.

The article states that since 2005 hunts have been prevented from using more than two hounds to flush out foxes before they are shot.

Why are they flushing out foxes anyway?

Why do they feel they have a right to shoot an animal living in its own natural surroundings? Why subject an animal to such terror? Why can’t wildlife just be left alone?

Seeing any animal in the wild should be regarded as a privilege, not an opportunity to harm or kill them.

Since 2005 most participants have accepted trail hunting, but there are those who will never be satisfied until they can resume bloodthirsty acts of extreme cruelty which are committed in a cowardly way by outnumbering a terrified fox with a pack of hounds and chasing it until it’s exhausted, followed by tearing it to pieces in the name of sport.

I am hopeful that this act of barbarism will never return.

It’s a pity that there won’t be a public referendum, as I am sure it would definitely get the thumbs down.


WELL done Daily Echo comment for reminding hunting supporters and government that overturning the hunt ban will remain in the public’s memory and in mine if I live until the next general election. But if I don’t, plenty of others will.


I WAS dismayed to read in the Echo of a possible change in the fox hunting ban. This is a retrograde step and I think wild animals should be left in peace – not just foxes, but badgers, deer and any other persecuted animals. Instead of weakening the ban it should be beefed up.

MR LAST Shirley Road, Southampton

I THOUGHT that you would like to see what appeared on my patio first thing this morning.

Daily Echo:

I just grabbed a camera and took the photograph of this little fellow through the doubleglazed door.

The fox cub disappeared within seconds of my taking it.