THERE are about 200 adults in Southampton, former members of mental health social clubs, who have been abandoned by the mental health services and left to rot in bed.

Both commissioning agents locally are willing to fund to an extent any form of treatment for mental illness.

What they refuse to fund is any type of social interaction.

Despite the proven facts that social interaction prevents social isolation and paranoia and even a modicum is highly cost effective and efficacious in reducing drastically hospital admissions or calls on acute services.

The conference at Southampton Civic Centre on the 10 year plan for Southampton concluded emphatically that social isolation was its top priority even above cuts in services for funding reasons.

Suicides locally are running at two persons per week due in part to this situation.

It’s all very well having fancy technologically happy treatments but the human costs of ignoring these problems are far too high.

Some action please!!

Tom Doak, Weston