THE RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming, Animal Aid and most of our animal welfare organisations are totally opposed to the export of farm animals.

The export of live calves is particularly cruel - at just a few days old these poor little creatures can be trucked for up to eight hours to Dover. No food or water is provided and they are bounced around and even trampled underfoot, they then suffer the sea voyage to France.

Weather conditions add to their ordeal - recently the weather was so bad that a lorry overturned on a ship injuring many of the calves. They can then be trucked all over Europe sometimes for 60 hours - to be imprisoned alone in tiny crates.

A method which has been banned here for many years.

Joanna Lumley and Virginia McKenna are just two of the famous people volunteering to help to end this inhumane trade.

Every week caring people protest outside Dover docks - and many MPs are voicing their opposition by tabling an Early Day Motion demanding an end to this trade.

Please help by encouraging your MP to sign EDM 395 - your MP's name is in the phone book under Business Listings.