I HAVE followed recent Echo letters on the question of false claims by Shirley Labour councillors, taking credit and the glory for St Jude’ Action Group’s ‘Flats No, Church Yes’ campaign.

What’s happening in Shirley is unfortunately nothing original.

Living in neighbouring Coxford at “election time” we are very used to receiving leaflets from self-acclaimed “Wonder Woman” Labour’s City Councillor Sally Spicer brazenly taking credit forand glory on many a community campaign when in fact the reality is she has had no involvement whatsoever.

It’s a recurring theme.

It’s not until Labour are forced into U-turns by local residents, and our two Independent councillors, that Labour then start the dark art of spin and rewriting history.

Here in Coxford the Save Oakland’s Pool campaign is a well-known classic example with Labour and “Wonder Woman” Cllr Spicer trying to take complete credit, when we all know the reality, yet what is truly so astounding is time and time again it is them, Labour, who are closing our facilities and services down in the first place.

Shirley residents like Coxford residents will not be taken in.

That old proverb 'once bitten twice shy' will surely come into place on Election Day, May 5.