SINCE mid-Marchr, 50 horses have died on racecourses across the country. During each season, for every 31 horses who start racing, one will become a death statistic.

Apadi is an 11-year-old chestnut gelding who has raced 99 times in a nine-year racing career. He has travelled the world and had numerous owners. For a horse to be alive after so many races is rare but all those years of racing has taken its toll and Apadi's last race saw him finish in last place.

Animal Aid is calling for horses like Apadi to be allowed to enjoy a safe and happy retirement. Currently, an insultingly small amount of money is provided for horses at the end of their racing careers. The fate of most ex race horses is nothing more than a lottery. Some will be bought, slaughtered and shipped overseas for the horsemeat trade; others will continue to be bought and sold in a downward spiral of neglect.

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DENE STANSALL, horse racing consultant, Animal Aid