ON May 23, Moon Bear Rescue, Southampton, held a bric-a-brac stall at the Winchester Covert. Once again the people of Winchester showed us tremendous support as we raised the wonderful sum of £549.90 to send to Animals Asia Foundation.

Many thousands of Moon Bears are kept in tiny rusty cages across China and Vietnam for bile extraction which is used in medicines and toiletries. There are now herbal and synthetic alternatives to this cruel trade.

With a new rescue centre in Vietnam opening later in the year every penny really does help. There are 200 bears waiting for their cage doors to open. Initially 50 bears will be rescued all of which will have limbs missing as they are all caught in the wild.

In our spare time my group work voluntary to help these beautiful forgiving bears and with support like we receive in Winchester, animals Asia Foundation can open many more cage doors. So thank you for your help and support which is very much appreciated.

Animals Asia Foundation has rescued over 200 beautiful bears who are now living in their bear sanctuary in the forest in China and with your continued support we can help many more bears.

LINDA JANE BURR, Moon Bear Rescue, Southampton Group.