I MUST respond positively to Glyn Oliver's letter (July 27) against the Oasis Trust takeover of two Southampton secondary schools.

Like him I am opposed to the religious indoctrination of our children by Christian fundamentalists in our schools and welcome opposition to the academy programme.

It was no surprise also, to see the local Conservative party actively promoting the academy programme, long seen as one of Tony Blair's flagship reforms of the education system.

As a father of three, I also want my children to be educated in surroundings free of religious indoctrination.

Our schools should be seen to reinforce science over the fantasy world promoted by religious groups.

If my children choose to become religious then there are plenty of places for them to attend outside of school time. That is their real choice. In the mean time I expect my children to be taught fact and taught well.

Unfortunately the cuts in education overseen by successive governments over the last 25 years have damaged the education of millions of children.

Academies will not solve this problem.

IAN WOODLAND, Southampton.