BRIAN Hooper's views concerning climate change are quite right (Letters, July 26). I believe that climate change is all down to mankind, with his never ending pillaging and plundering of the earth's resources. We continue to cover the green belt, destroy rainforests and pollute the atmosphere.

I have often been called a cynic and pessimist when discussing the climate, but I am firm in my belief that the problem of climate change has gone too far to be rectified.

People do not want to change what they consider to be a very acceptable lifestyle, i.e. cars and holiday travel.

Consider the problems in Britain. People still want to learn to drive, demand more car parking, more lanes for motorways, more building on the green belt and more airports and therefore more aircraft and noise.

I am reminded of that old cliché you cannot stop progress, yes some progress, and again of course all of this is worldwide.

There are too many vested interests for anything to change to any degree, cars and aircraft will continue to be built, refineries and power stations will continue to be built and operated, and hardwood forests, so necessary to the world's well-being and existence, will continue to be chopped down for monetary gain. All this is considered good business and perfectly natural.

I believe that a child born today who lives to middle age will live in a world very unlike the one we know, and it will not be for the better.

C E WATTS, Millbrook, Southampton.