MY NEXT-door neighbour smokes weed. With cannabis being the most commonly used drug, and with more drug users in England than Amsterdam, you too might have a pot-smoking neighbour.

Now, let's not get me wrong. I am no goody-two-shoes (maybe a goody-one shoe at most), but it's as if I am getting assaulted by the smell of marijuana, every time I enter the building. Their smoke travels through the cracks and crevices, filled up my apartment.

Let's get one thing straight. My building, my wonderful building, is populated with families, with young children, including my beautiful daughter whom is only nine months old.

The rent here is reasonable for the area I live in so I do not want to move, nor cause any problems with my neighbours.

I'm sick of the onslaught of articles and info-graphics justifying legalising a substance that will harm the people who smoke it and annoy the hell out of non-smokers in their vicinity.

It's annoyed me so much that I called the police. Not once but multiple times. Because how dare they? It's disguising. What is worse, the police haven't even knocked on the door. They log my call, fill in the paperwork and toss it aside. Neglecting the fact my neighbour is causing harm to the whole building's children.

Now I am not alone - according to the Southampton Babies & Toddlers Facebook forum, other mums have complained. Same problem-and same outcome.

This crime at least deserves the police knocking on my neighbour's door.

Kaylee Nyberg

Hedge End