I am writing as I am curious to know if Southampton City Council are now condoning drug abuse?

The reason I ask is I, along with 144 flats, received a letter from the city council which says:

"If residents(s) and their visitors wish to drink, smoke or take drugs, they must do so within their flats and must not cause a nuisance to anyone else."

Am I wrong, to think that taking drugs is illegal? SCC thinks that it is ok as long as it is in your own flat.

Most of the flats have children under the age of 18.

It is illegal to smoke in a car with minors in, is it not illegal to take or have drugs around minors?

Also, along with drugs use comes criminal activity, dealers etc.

Even when smoked behind closed doors the smell emanates to landings, lifts, stairwells.

All of this activity is illegal and affects everyone else.

Yet, judging from this letter, SCC say this behaviour is fine, as long as it is in your flat, when unfortunately, it is not always.

Simon Bangham, resident at Millbrook Towers.