THIS week for the first time in many years I had to travel from Southampton to Heathrow in the morning peak hours – what a terrible journey.

The biggest problem is that most of the route from here to Heathrow is two lanes. (Pause for effect.)

Of course there are three and sometimes four strips of tarmac, called lanes, but so many drivers seem determined not to use them. Sitting doggedly in the second to outside lane effectively reduces the capacity of our marvellous network by up to 50% at those places.

It is the ultimate demonstration of selfishness. Moving to the correct lane, especially if you are happy cruising at 60mph, will not improve or quicken your journey one bit but you are impeding others. Others you cannot see and who can only communicate with you by gestures and flashing lights. However, your journey may well be impeded by someone else doing the same further on.

The best demonstration of this is the Eastleigh hill which slows to a crawl although the M25 is the epitome of this art.

Come on folks if you are happily cruising, move left like you were taught to do.

Michael WEST