THOUSANDS of horses are slaughtered in British abattoirs every year so that their meat can be sold abroad for human consumption. Many of the horses are fit, well and young, and range from privately-owned ponies to racing industry cast-offs.

There is a serious problem with the deliberate over-breeding of horses, and, consequently, surplus animals will suffer a downward spiral of neglect or will be sent straight to the slaughterhouse.

People who send their horse to slaughter will receive around £300 from the abattoir. If the British are serious about their love for horses, then they must pressure the Government into holding horse owners and the racing industry accountable for each and every horse. All animals deserve to live out their natural lives, and not to be treated as simply another disposable commodity.

To view Animal Aid's exclusive undercover footage from a horse abattoir, visit FIONA PEREIRA, campaigner, Animal Aid.