I say to all communities pat yourselves on the back for the great job you are doing taking care of each other and supporting each other.

It is not easy to achieve with the government guide lines but you are all finding a way.

Where ever I go for a walk or to the building society everyone I come in contact with ensures a safe distance respecting me with themselves -but it is the nice way in which it is done.

You do get the odd unkind person but they are few and far between.

I include the kindness from all age groups .

I agree with the support and thanks we give to the NHS, but we should be raising our hats to the transport who as we know some have sadly died due to this nasty disease.

They are responsible for getting the community to their place of work in a safe environment.

Another pat on the back to all the shop workers for their diligence direction and lovely smiles even though they are at high risk to keep us safe.

Another part of our community is the fire service.

Their job at the best of times is very difficult and dangerous but even more so now as they have to work their way around this horrid virus to rescue people from fires and it does not deter them from doing a sterling job.

We are all part of the community I know, but some are at more risk than others due to the fact of their jobs and their are others that go the extra mile to help.

I heard the other day a very old tune called "Friends and Neighbours" and trust me it should be up the top in the hit parade.

It was written in the 1940's and performed by Billy Cotton and his Band and the words are spot on, because with good friends and neighbours for support even at a two metre distance we can get through anything.

Christine Cassell