I always find VE Day a difficult one to comprehend.

Those present would have no doubt felt huge relief that Wartime had ended, but equally, celebrating something which had cost too greatly in lives and sacrifice is a heart-wrenching juxtaposition.

Each year I’m reminded of grandparents and great-grandparents who fought for peace and freedom, both overseas and at home.

Many thankfully living to old age and affording me the time to hear of their memories.

This gratitude and respect is starkly balanced by the loss of lives so young, of their siblings, friends and colleagues.

While many gave their tomorrow for our today, the memories of the fallen and the highs and lows of conflict have endured for a generation in those who returned home.

It is my belief that we the children, the grandchildren and generations to come, have a duty to ensure the sacrifice is taught, understood, remembered and celebrated.

Simply, thank you.

Nick Chivers