I WAS horrified when I read in the Echo about the plans for Marlhill Copse.

What does this council not understand, trees are the lungs of the earth and absorbs the dangerous exhaust fumes in the air protecting as from the toxic air we breath in.

It also is part of good mental health.

There is nothing like a walk in a restful place to give in most cases the feel good factor not to mention the advantage of using the muscles in the body.

In these hard times people need to get out in the fresh air especially families living in high rise flats.

We need to use the natural resources we have joining with man's inventions for the benefit of us all, not destroy everything in the way of so called progress.

I would like the experts responsible who say the trees are diseased to explain in lame man's to give the protesters a chance to reply.

We pay the community pay the wages so we should be given the chance to object or understand and accept the decisions.

Christine Cassell