BY NOT felling a few trees near Southampton airport the planet will be a better place.

Forestry Commission figures show more than five million trees have been felled thanks to wind farm development since 2007, with fewer than 1.6 million planted to replace them.

With zero production of CO2, Hinkley Point C, in an area of 430 acres, will power nearly 6,000,000 homes. Onshore wind, to supply the same would require 250,000 acres, and solar farms130,000 acres.

Drax power plant was built atop a forest, a dead one agreed, but the wisdom to stop using the ready available fuel and import cut down new forest from America must be plain daft.

If we are so evil in our ways what must be thought of China.

It has approved 10 gigawatts of new coal-powered generation projects in the first quarter of the year.

Thanks to the lock-down CO2 levels have fallen but we still had a two week spell of hot weather.

What is going wrong?

Dave Christian