AM I missing the point, in my humble opinion surely the owners of nursing homes are, or should be, responsible for all supplies they need for running a nursing home from food, bedding, staffing levels and yes appropriate surgical supplies ie gloves masks gowns and of course PPE.

Now the incredulous out cry of the poor wages paid to carers who work within the care home industry and the constant opportunist certain news programmes and presenters are now showing concern.

I have know doubt that if it were notvfor the pandemic out break that would not even be on their news radar as often, as it has been known for decades under different governments there has been in action on the wages set for carers.

I know two separate people who have love ones in a care home each paying in excess of £4,000 per calendar month who had to put up the family home to help pay towards the cost which in its self in my opinion is scandalous.

Yes I understand there has been problems getting hold of the PPE but as I say stock holdings surely are the responsibility of the care home owners both in the private sector and council run..

It's very easy to start the blame game or play for political point scoring - the new Labour leader could have in place his own or parity's exit plan which they could have presented as an alternative - but when he took up the role he stated he didn't want to play political point scoring.

It is right to hold the government to account but don't always focus on the negatives - there will be a time and place to ask why, if only etc.

Let political parties work to a common goal, finding solutions and the way for ward. for the whole of the UK.

Peter Fallon