THERE have been several highly important studies that have been coming out in the last few days showing a strong link between low levels of vitamin D and deaths from covid-19.

One paper says that there is between 13 and 19 times lower chance of dying from covid-19 if you have good levels of vitamin D compared with having low levels (insufficient or deficient).

The other recent scientific papers all agree that vitamin D could have a massive role in reducing the seriousness of the virus.

We do have to be careful as these are recent studies that need to be replicated and peer reviewed.

Whilst they show a strong correlation this is not necessarily a causation.

However, it is well worth trying to see if we can achieve 13 to 19 times fewer deaths by upping our vitamin D levels.

Even a small improvement would help.

This could relegate covid-19 to being less serious than a normal winter flu.

The reason could well be due to the link between vitamin D and its important role for our immune systems.

So let’s try it to see whether we can use this simple approach to help beat covid-19 in Southampton!

Everyone should get lots of sun on their skin, without burning.

Those in ‘at risk’ categories should also take vitamin D supplements.

It is hard to overdose on vitamin D and it is a very safe supplement.

The ‘at risk’ groups include those who tend to have low levels of vitamin D, such as the elderly, dark skinned people in the UK, the obese, those with diabetes, and those with cancer.

If the research is right, and it is looking more and more likely that it is, then we can help fight covid-19 by increasing our vitamin D intake.

If you need convincing look up ‘link between vitamin D deficiency and covid-19’ on the web and read the scientific studies.

John Spottiswoode