I have grave concerns regarding insufficient levels of resources currently available to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), and Local Authorities (LA), to allow for proper scrutiny of employers during this time of crisis. Workplaces are being asked to revaluate risk assessment policies, due to the new and increased risks posed by Covid-19, which will likely cause the most widespread changes to workplace practices in recent time. HSE and LA’s budgets have been drastically cut over the past decade, leaving them under-resourced and ill-prepared to manage any increased demand on services. It is paramount Health and Safety at Work Acts are adhered to, and, I am deeply worried lives will be put at unnecessary risk if lockdown restrictions continue to be loosened too soon. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1996), workers have a protected right to leave a place of danger if they feel unsafe (Section 44). I welcome the valuable input trade unions are contributing towards the Covid-19 response. Government must listen to workers concerns and not expect anybody work if it is unsafe.

Joe Dukes

Nursling Street