WE CLAP for our key workers and our NHS on Thursdays, but the NHS needs our protection as well as our thanks.

The Trade Bill is back in Parliamen ttoday for its second reading.

As it stands now it does not contain any measure to protect the NHS from trade deals with the USA. or other countries.

I and many others are very concerned about the effect that a US trade deal will have on the NHS. Negotiations are already underway.

The Government has said that the NHS is not for sale.

But unless it is specifically excluded from trade deals it will be on the table.

We need to amend the Trade Bill to include strong legal protections for our NHS and drug prices now and for the future.

I hope that our local MPs will help to defend the NHS by considering amendments which are put forward.

It is our NHS.

Trade deals must put our public interests before private profit.

The NHS must not be for sale.

We owe its workers that!

Ginny Levett