I am writing to express, how I have come to see vetinary practices in a different light, following the last nine years that Unicorn vets at Ashurst have cared for our dog.

As someone who has had animals in the past, and been to several different practices, they are without doubt, the gold star of what a vet should be.

Our beloved German Shepherd Marley, went through a lot in his life, to include cancer, but during these really tough times, Unicorn were always by our side.

They made us feel more like their family than clients,and showed such kindness and empathy towards him,and us.

They as good as counselled us in times of immense stress and have the very best of vets, nurses and staff.

When we had the heart wrenching decision to put him to sleep recently, we were invited to their lovely back garden, where we were treated with grace and dignity,and it was carried out by people who are so loving and compassionate.

I would say to anyone out there with a pet, if you want the cream of a veterinary practice for your animal,and you are with another vet.

Graham Garrett