I AM APPALLED at the "powers that be" not protecting our children and teaching profession's from the covid 19 virus.

What do the politicians not understand? We are facing a major health crisis.

I know the idea is the children are less likely to catch the virus but it can be transported back to their families and the consequences will be horrendous to a family unit as the figures have shown, not to mention the staff that are running the schools.

We are not out of the woods and the advice of all the experts has not been effective. I might add paid for out of the public purse.

The young adults and little ones deserve more respect.

I am very impressed with Wales and their system.

They use the traffic lights, and they work it I believe according to the "R" figures.

When below 1 the system is activated and not until it is well below minus 1 do they activate to amber, and green is for life to go back to normal.

The minister said they value their teaching staff and young generation and will not be let them back until it is safe to do so.

Our politicians and unions are too busy scoring points off of each other to think of the community and the electorate.

All parties involved should get together and work out a system that works to protect the people who pay their wages, shame on you all.

Christine Cassell