AS THIS disastrous government tries to convince us that they are leading us out of the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, planning must begin now for the second wave.

In the absence of a vaccine this has to be regarded as inevitable.

We dare not leave this to the failed group of Boris Johnson, his ministers and scientific advisers.

In all other circumstances they would have been expected to resign en bloc before now.

Much as I find that attractive, it would not solve anything in the immediate situation.

A consortium is needed, not just of politicians.

However, representatives of a national government should be part of it.

This should include the Westminster opposition parties and the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This would take all of the wasted energy of blame out of the equation.

It should also include health professionals with hands on experience of the first phase in hospitals and care homes, those with a track record of running successful businesses, the military for the logistics and representatives from academia.

Former high level members of previous governments could also have a watching brief.

Some have been the only ones talking any sense recently.

What is paramount is that this group is formed now because one of the many lessons from the first phase is that there was no advance planning, despite having all of the warnings of Cygnus 2016 in the filing cabinet

Bob Davies