The latest ONS weekly death statistics published today (Tuesday) show that the total numbers of deaths of people aged under 40 who have died from COVID19 is just 238 – this is not the total for the week but the total since deaths first started in early March.

Their statistics also show that on average in a normal week when COVID19 was not around, about 190 people aged under 40 died – this is the total in a single week.

They died from all the usual reasons – cancer, road traffic etc.

However it is the younger members of our society who are paying the heaviest price in terms of job losses and disrupted education – it would appear our reaction to this disease is completely out of kilter with the facts.

I notice Richard Grant is on his usual rant – this time about estate agents opening up. Surely we have a choice – if you don’t want to take any risks at all, don’t sell your house or buy one.

But if you are under 40 and trying to move why should their options be limited because some people think it is unsafe to visit estate agents etc?

The website has some fantastic statistics – both on COVID19 and also world population.

It seems more than 186,000 worldwide have died of flu this year,over 400,000 suicides and more than 500,000 have died from road traffic deaths – yet we don’t shut down everything because of that.

Eventually we will have to learn to live with this disease and behave accordingly since there is no guarantee there will ever be a vaccine.

Gerald Ingram

Locks Heath