SORRY is the Government’s hardest word to say

Having watched the Sky documentary on care homes which started last November. I personally watched with tears in my eyes on how advice from the Government to discharged elderly patients without checks on Covid-19 from hospitals to care homes.

Mr Johnson stated it was his greatest regret - not sorry for his Government’s fatal mistake.

The protective ring that the Health Minster spoke about did not exist and lack of PPE for the amazing caring staff who were treated on a secondary basis after the NHS. Why with all the advisors was this allowed to happen?

I have been self isolating with my mum, Natalie who is 94 for nine weeks. Mum has had a lovely morning carer for many years and again the carers in the community had not been recognised initially.

I clap for Tracy and all the other carers and care home carers and naturally the NHS who all do a marvellous caring job every week. I thank you all and to all those fragile lost souls who were not adequately protected in their time of need,

There are very few relatives and friends who have not lost someone to Covid-19.

I live in sheltered accommodation and have lost good friends and neighbours to this virus before their time.

Thank you Sky for highlighting this dreadful treatment and sadly the Government’s intervention came too late for many.

In the future this must be investigated as common sense did not prevail as our most fragile citizens were not protected in their hour of need.

Colleen Azor