I have never witnessed such a waste of money spent on cycle lanes.

I endorse whole heartedly the letter in tonight’s Daily Echo from Alan Blandford. Re the use of..

I live on Bassett Avenue and have an entrance leading out to Bassett Avenue as many of the other properties have.

Please can you tell me why are the cyclists still using the pavement when they have a proper cycle lane?

I have witnessed many near misses from cyclists cycling down the pavement and yesterday there was another near miss when someone who lives here went through the entrance and as he has a sight problem did not see the cyclist coming down the pavement.

Is there a notice enforcing cyclists to use the expensive cycle lane not the pavement? I doubt it.

Nothing is ever properly finished in this city and their equipment is still kicking Around months after they have finished. Everything is done half heartedly. This Is something that should be taken seriously before a bad accident takes place.

Iris Minard.