Bunny Lane Tip -my experience with booking.

On Monday June 15th 2020, I phoned the Hampshire County Council because I do not have a computer.

A very polite and pleasant young lady answered the phone, she asked if I was phoning for a booking, she reserved the location and I replied Bunny Lane.

She apologised for no slot for today but she offered me Thursday 18th, 9.30am, 10am, and 10.30am, I chose 9.30.

I arrived early not understanding the procedure.

A council man came across to me and asked if I had a booking.

I replied yes for 9.30am, a lady at the tip confirmed the booking, I was the first at the gate ready to go in.

A car left the tip I assumed he had the 9am booking, the council man signalled me to enter the tip and reverse to a skip.

I was in and out before my allotted time.

I hope this system remains after the lockdown, as I found it extremely efficient receiving only three operatives to run the site, saving money and enabling the site to remain open.

I phoned which I found very efficient. I am 79 years old.

You can't drive in, you reverse only.

Brain Anderson.