We were all shocked by George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police.

The graphic images sparked not just anger and protest, but a real desire for change. George’s death has highlighted a wider problem in USA policing, but it has also reminded us that racism is ever present in our society.

Don John and Jay Shah are right that Southampton needs to tackle racism in our city, Southampton must be a safe and inclusive environment for all it’s citizens.

And it’s great that the Daily Echo put the debate on it’s front page.

But I am not sure that a Race Advice Centre is the answer? It seems a very 1970’s idea?

In 2020 advice is provided online and through social media. Cheap and easy access to technology means information is delivered electronically, not face to face in a brick building.

And racism in Southampton won’t be stopped by one building.

Whatever an advice centre could deliver would be piecemeal compared to what is needed.

Southampton must take action to stop racism in every institution, community, workplace, and school.

The fight against racism should be embedded in each of us, and in all of our buildings.

It’s time for every one of us to take the knee.

Jon Walters