Your readers may be interested to learn that a number of groups, notable individuals and MPs have recently called for a ban on the use of animals in warfare experiments.

Warfare experiments on animals involve terrible suffering. Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Porton Down.

Animal Aid discovered that in 2019, of 1500 scientific procedures at Dstl, 599 (40%) were classified as ‘severe'.

‘Severe' experiments involve the highest degree of pain and suffering permitted.

The latest available figures (2018) for all the laboratories in Great Britain, revealed that 4.9% of animal experiments (known as ‘procedures') were classed as ‘severe'.

This high level of suffering at Dstl is not a one-off event.

In 2018, 30.2% of ‘procedures' conducted there, were severe.

If readers would like to add their voice to our campaign to ban warfare experiments on animals.

Jessamy Korotoga

Animal Aid