First proper day out since lockdown.

On Sunday we visited Beaulieu Palace Gardens.

Felt my stress melt away. I had had a very bad week and wasn't feeling great. The beauty, the scent of roses and honeysuckle wafting on the breeze, especially around the Abbey ruins.

The formal kitchen garden with ripe tomatoes hanging on the vines.

The private informal, naturalistic planting of swathes of stipa golden oats and peonies.

A hot day, I found a lovely, secret, shaded, seating area, with a fabulous cooling breeze off the water.

The perfect place for a rest and a cuppa from the flask.

The rose garden just lovely.

Though entrance to car museum was closed.

There were several vintage cars parked up out front to view.

I overheard a friendly male staff member say the cars are rotated, changed everyday.

There was a welcome booklet from Ralph Montagu and it made us as visitors feel so wanted.

The old Top Gear cars e.g. Red stretch limo, caravan and rocket cars on view.

We declined the gravel river walk, my husband using his mobility scooter.

Then noticed on leaving the all terrain, bigger wheel mobility scooters available free of charge in entrance.

I made a note to come back in a couple of months to see the dahlia borders in full bloom.

There was just one early purple bloom.

The day was made more perfect visiting the local garden centre, no queues and picking up a birthday present and card.

Ended by a drive home through the delightful New Forest and that beats a motorway any day.

Renee Kirby,

Hedge End

Renee Kirby